Sensible Gun Policy

There is no single strategy that can address gun violence in this country or our state but, as Governor, I can assure you that my policies to reduce gun violence will focus on action. We must come together to end gun violence and although Colorado has been progressive on this issue, there is still much work to be done. As Governor, I would pursue the following policies to ensure gun violence in Colorado is reduced.

1. Follow the lead of Denver and ban bump-stocks. Add silencers to the ban.

2. Ban semi-automatic assault rifles! Weapons of war don’t belong on the streets of this country!

3. Safe Storage: Require that anyone with a firearm must keep it stored with a trigger lock or in a firearm safe. Failure to do so, resulting in the death of injury of another will be considered a felony offense for the gun owner.

4. “Smart Technology”: Research technologies that would require a fingerprint or digital code to be used to unlock a gun.

5. Prior to purchasing a gun and receiving a license to carry, a gun safety course must be taken and passed. Why do we need a license that reflects our competency to drive a car or motorcycle, but not to use a firearm?

6. Require our state law enforcement agencies to respond to threats made on social media regarding gun violence with the same intensity as we do for potential terrorist threats. The unfortunate truth is, the threat is much greater from within our Country!

7. Mental Health: Ensure that there are sufficient resources available to provide mental health support for people in need.

8. GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS! Cory Gardner has received more than 3 million dollars from the NRA! The NRA has influenced the policies of a Colorado senator, and on our state legislator's who supported the high capacity magazine ban in 2012. The impacts of money in politics are clearly visible, especially around passing commonsense reform that reduces gun violence in our state. If money wasn’t corrupting the political processes that lead to commonsense gun reform on a national, and statewide level, I believe our gun laws would have changed years ago.

The Governor of Colorado can use the platform provided by the highest elected office in our state to advocate nationally for real change. There could be well over 100 million dollars spent through independent expenditure committee’s (dark money) on just the Governor’s race, not to mention millions by self-funders from both parties. This has got to change and as Governor I will lead the fight!